What could go wrong with installing a new HVAC thermostat yourself? Just pop the old one off and connect the new one, right? Not quite. A new thermostat installation is more complicated than you think, and a task best left to a Tampa Bay HVAC contractor. Here’s why you shouldn’t attempt to install a new thermostat yourself:

It’s Hazardous

Unless you’re a trained electrician or HVAC technician, attempting a DIY thermostat installation can backfire. Best case scenario — you blow the circuit breaker. Worst case scenario — you electrocute yourself. Don’t risk it.  An HVAC technician or electrician knows how to properly and safely connect a thermostat.

An Incorrectly Installed Thermostat May Malfunction

Not all thermostats are created equal. Upgrading from a traditional thermostat to a smart thermostat requires the right knowledge and expertise. If it’s not installed correctly, it may malfunction and/or cause damage to the entire HVAC system, resulting in costly repairs that won’t be covered by the warranty. Thermostat manufacturers don’t honor warranties if the installation was not done by a professional.

It May Not Be Compatible With Your HVAC System

Older traditional thermostats are simple and straightforward. However, these days there are programmable thermostats that connect to your Wi-Fi, zoned HVAC systems, whole-home humidifiers, and dual-fuel heat pumps. They all require different thermostat configurations. In addition, depending on your HVAC system or the age of your home, some rewiring may be necessary. 

The Thermostat May Need To Be Moved

One of the benefits of hiring an HVAC contractor is they may discover that your thermostat is poorly located and should be moved. A thermostat that’s located in direct sunlight, near air vents, or that’s not centrally located reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system.

You may think installing a new thermostat yourself will save money, but you could end up forking out money to fix a botched job. Save yourself the hassle and hire Nuccio Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Call us today at 813-961-7895.

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