It’s no wonder that ductless air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Perfect for humid subtropical climates like Florida, they offer you a money-saving way to beat the heat. Ductless AC lets you stay cool and comfortable, no matter how high the mercury climbs. Learn why so many of your neighbors are choosing ductless as an appealing alternative to traditional central air systems.

1. Easy Installation

Since ductless AC systems deliver cool air directly into individual living spaces, no ductwork is required. The only alteration made is a 3-inch hole in an exterior wall to connect the indoor and outdoor components. You can enjoy all the benefits of ductless cooling with minimal disruption to your home or business.

2. Low-Cost Cooling

The elimination of ducts make ductless air conditioners some of the most energy-efficient HVAC products available today. In ducted systems, air loss can account for as much as 30 percent of the equipment’s energy consumption. Going ductless lets you save money on cooling costs all summer long.

3. Customized Comfort

With individual air handlers positioned in different living areas, ductless puts you in charge of your comfort. Remote controls make it easy to alter temperatures and fan speeds in every room. The ability to personalize settings is one of the greatest advantages of ductless systems.

4. Versatile Cooling Solutions

Whether you need to cool a single room in your home or a large commercial business, ductless AC gets the job done. They’re ideal for applications like room additions, enclosed porches and remodeled spaces. Unlike conventional room air conditioners, they don’t provide an entry point for intruders.

5. All-Season Options

Many ductless systems provide heating as well as cooling for a comfortable environment every month of the year. You’ll enjoy even greater savings when the temperature drops. Compared with an electric heating system, ductless can cut your heating costs by 60 percent.

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