Summer Air Conditioning Tips


Summer temperatures are already here in Florida. With the summer temperatures comes Hurricane Season and with Hurricane Season comes Lightening Storms and Thunder Storms that can cause severe Voltage Spikes and Power Outages that can seriously damage your expensive Air Conditioning System.

You can however do something to minimize the possibility of sustaining damage to your system due to these Voltage Spikes and Power outages caused by Storms.

It is important to make sure that all high voltage electrical wiring inside your unit is in good condition with tight connection points. In addition and even more important is the addition of A/C VOLTAGE SURGE PROTECTION that can help protect your system from serious damage.

Call NUCCIO HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING, INC. service department now to schedule the installation of an A/C VOLTAGE SURGE PROTECTOR on your condensing unit and as a value added service while installing the Surge Protector we will thoroughly inspect the condition of the electrical connections of your outdoor unit and tighten any loose connections or repair any scorched or burned wire endings.

Surge protectors for additional condensing units can be installed while on site. Please tell the service dispatcher that you wish to have Surge Protectors installed when booking your call. Call (813) 961-7895 and ask for the service department to schedule your Surge Protection installation now.

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