Extended Warranties for HVAC Systems

Why should you purchase an Extended Warranty Agreement?

For starters, it adds to the value of your home. Our extended warranties are fully transferable to a new homeowner, should you choose to sell your house.

Additionally, price increases and inflation are a part of today’s world. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do something to prevent it from affecting you? With an extended warranty from Nuccio, you can. It locks tomorrow’s repair costs at today’s prices, allowing you to protect your budget from unforeseen expenses that you are unprepared to handle.

Today’s air conditioning & heating units are high tech. It requires better service technicians and more sophisticated replacement parts, all resulting in higher costs to you if your equipment fails. With an extended warranty from Nuccio, you enjoy peace of mind knowing your bills will be paid for the term of your warranty.


The following illustrates 2013 average repair costs on residential heating & air conditioning equipment:

  • Air Handler (indoor unit)
  • Replace Ignitor: $300
  • Replace Gas Valve: $350
  • Replace Ignition Module: $370
  • Replace Circuit Board: $440
  • Replace Inducer Fan Motor: $415
  • Replace Blower Motor: $400
  • Replace Evaporator Coil: $1200
  • Condenser (outdoor unit)
  • Replace Condenser Motor Fan: $450
  • Replace Contactor: $150
  • Replace Compressor (3 ton /labor only): $700

When you compare these prices to the price of our warranty, it is easy to see why buying an extended warranty from Nuccio is the most intelligent choice you’ll make!

* These prices may vary with market, conditions, and actual job requirements and are not to be used as reference for pricing for actual jobs in which Nuccio Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc is the contractor.

What we offer:

We offer coverage for 5 or 10 years (from date of installation) on any new or existing equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

Please call the office for pricing.

* If you have multiple systems, zoning control, or any questions regarding your warranty, please call us at (813) 961-7895 and ask for our Service Department.

* Existing equipment must be less than 24 months old

* If your system is older than 24 months we cannot currently offer an extended warranty.

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